PrestoSports Stats Entry

A free alternative to Stat Crew

PrestoSports Stats Entry is a browser-based scoring and statistics app that supports Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. It features both a live scoring mode for in-game statting and a scoresheet mode for post-game stats entry.

It works both online and offline, provides real-time updates, creates extensive reports, has complete version history, is 100% compatible with Stat Crew Legacy and, most importantly, is easy to use.

Our stats entry app is available for soccer, field hockey, volleyball, ice hockey, basketball, men's lacrosse and women's lacrosse. Baseball and softball and football are available in scoresheet mode with live scoring to come in the future.

Watch the video to your right, read more below or check out our FAQ for more info.

Stats should be free for every team

We are 100% compatible with Stat Crew Legacy